The WCC Team

Here are the people who work long and hard to ensure that West Country Carnivals stays fresh and updated:

Nath Fernandes - Site Owner, Designer and Filming

I have always been passionate about carnival even from a young age. Every winter, I used to get excited about the prospect of carnival coming to town only to find out that it was going to rain on that day! My ambition was to try and get involved in these spectacles, however due to the nature of my disability, I knew that this wasn't going to be easy.

In 2005, I released my first website named 'RCOOL' and it was from then on that I realised that this provided a gateway for me to achieve my ambition. Since then I have travelled the West attending many carnivals and had the opportunity to meet new people. Also, aside from carnival, I have founded 'VEU Design' providing websites and multimedia services (Filming and Photography) for people with the help of our team, in addition to providing Disability Awareness Workshops and Mentoring services under the trading name of 'VEUcan'. These would not be possible without some members of the WCC Team and the occasional WCC Photographer, so really, thanks guys!!!

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