2007 Movies - Bridgwater

Official Guy Fawkes Cart

Sponsored by Bridgwater Sports & Social Club & Anderson & Wall : Street Heat Samba Band

Steve Roberts : Sparkle Serenade

Motiv8 Mini’s CC : Cherubs Train

Motiv8 CC : Ming Tao Bing

Georgina Bussell : Red Rio

A & A CC : Crazy Horses

Jackie Kelly & Hannah Elswood : Citrus Celebration

Jessica Ryall : Boadicea

Samantha Ryall : Queen of Bretonnia

Hamp Juvenile CC : Samba School

Wilfs CC : After all these years the Wilfs come out of the closet

Alexandra Morgan : World Liberty

Zem CC : Clowning Around

Xtreme CC : Mythical Dragons

Chameleon Battonettes

Roger Muspratt-Hamilton : Rio Rock-lio

Prattens CC : Christmas Cracker

Avalon JCC : Vegas Nights

Smandy’s CC : Court in the Act

Amy Pickersgill : Diwali (Festival of Light)

Blake Gill : Knight of the Jungle

Abbie Haines : “Nocona” Comanche

Carina Haines : Beijing

Georgia Kitchen : Medusa

Rachel Cox : Phoenix From the Flames

Dynamites CC : Horns and Wings

Fantasy CC : Lord of the Rings

Andrew Churches : Jamaican Calipso

Raymond Iles : Jest-in-time

Rachel Churches, Rainbow Lightning

Renegades CC : Renobotics

Marina Sydenham JCC : Fantasian Voyage

Phoenix CC : Dragonia

Aysheberton Stannary CC : Once upon a rhyme

Ramblers CC : Bushido

Newmarket CC : Dude (looks like a lady)

Mole JCC : Happy Feet

Sidvale CC : Brazilia

Griffens CC : Masquerade

Huckyduck CC : Narnia

Brimgrovers JCC : Merry Christmas Everyone

One Plus One CC : The Jolly Roger

Harlequins CC : Disco Mania

Eclipse CC : Whizz Boom

Gremlins CC : Vampires

Poppe Inne CC : Pull The Udder One

Hillview JCC :  Daddy Cool (Ice Cool)

New Beginning CC : Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Britannia CC : USA

Rascals CC (Frome) : The Runaway Train

George Brimilcombe (BEM) : Georges Fairground Scene

Gemini CC : Aztec Gold

Marcus Jackson : Clockwork Man

Hannah Jackson : Ice Enchantress

Tracy Cook (Amethyst CC ) : Teddy Bears Picnic

Ann Cook (Amethyst CC ) : That’s magic

En-Spired CC : Fire & Ice

Razzamatazz CC : Treasures of de Nile

Rainbow JCC : Dr Who

Faye Rawkins : Jane Seymour

Excalibur CC : It’s a kind of magyk

Natajacks CC : Welcome to the drive

Hayley Daniells : Somerset’s Sambadrome

Parkers CC : Bill and Ben and Me

Dave Arney : Chinese Festival

Star Delights : Feathered Friends

Judy Williams : Buttons & Bows

Crazy Crew CC : Can you guess “what it is yet”

Domino CC : Mucking about

Centurion CC : Pharaohs through the Ages

Wills CC : The Kraken Awakes

South Brent CC : Mystical Pegasus

Muppets CC : Groove with the grandparents

Tango JCC : Abracadabra

Club 2000 CC : Voodoo

Mendip Vale CC : Super Bowl

Mutineers CC : Circus

Toppers JCC : Zulus

Nunsford Nutters CC : Granny Robix

Westonzoyland CC : Devil’s Disco

St Peters CC : Panto Pronto

Revellers CC : Moulin Rouge

Cary Comedians CC : Beer Belly Dancers

Cavaliers CC : What a wreak

Cavalier Pups : Jack in a Box

King William CC : Cossacks

Crusaders CC : Santa’s little helpers

Crusaders Cubs : Santa’s little followers

DT6 CC : Ghost Train

British Flag CC : Cariba

Marketeers CC : Thor – God of Thunder

Mardons CC : Jungle Rock

Oasis CC : Venezia

Hot Rock CC : Vegas Live

Nunsford Nymphos CC : Nymphos go mental oriental

Lime Kiln CC : Mexicana

Pentathlon CC : Tenochtitlan

YMCA CC : A Winter’s Dream

2R’s CC : Miss Leading Dance School

Gorgons CC : Rock you

Just Georges CC : Camp Capers

Cobra CC : Wild in the Jungle

Luckington CC : Monster Mash

Shambles CC : Bugsy Malone

Masqueraders CC : Wrath of Neptune

Globe CC : Circus on parade

Wick CC : Wild Boyz

Wells & YFCC : Yee-ha

Vagabonds CC : Here comes the circus

Aliens CC : Mesheeca

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